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Saturday, April 30, 2005


These guys will never cease to amaze me with their innovations and their sense of jumping on to the new new thing .....wish other FMCG's learn a lesson or two ......


Top 40,Smart 40 ,Here 40,Thats 40......Wired 40 !

Every year the media comes up with all sorts of rankings and listings to temporarily steal your attention to what they got to say and put their opinions ......It used to be a very effective tool .

But increasingly most lists are getting predictable and very little value add for the smarter and the evolved reader.
wired , why don't u guys start learning from these companies whom you gloat over ? Try some Innovative and enjoyable subjects and methods to attract and sustain eyeballs ?

anyways whoever wants to , can check out the latest wired 40 lists ....
nothing much to write home about all the usual suspects this time even Infosys, as a flag bearer of the outsourcing world.
Wired 13.05: The Wired 40: "'In a few years, you'll be driving your Google to the Google to buy some Google for your Google.' "

Outsourcing 2 Consulting ?

The whole "Consulting " makeover story of Infosys is making me sick.They have been talking about it for the last 5 years ....where is the moolah boys ?You been shopping aroun in US and Europe trying to buy a consulting practice rather than built one .....Even fellow banagalore firm Wipro,is also trying to grow up into the big boys league.
But what most of them fail to realize is that ,merely having a stacked up cash table and a shopping wish list aint gonna help much .The work culture must evolve from the software sweatshop to a business solution based consulting practice.This requires domain experts not only with years of experience,but also sound interpersonal skills in understanding intricate issues of clients which cant be necessarily be put in excel sheets and analyzed.Yeah Indian firms are good at the analytical game but the other one is a different ball game.If indeed they knew what they were chewing into , I think they should have started with the Indian as well other Asian markets,albeit a less profitable one in the short term but nevertheless a great opputurtunity in understanding their own organizational issues as well gaining foothold in the markets of tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

War Goes Techie.........

I kinda knew something like this was coming ........in an increasingly security relavent world , decision making is an ever critical function and with the massive additions of new media like mobile phones,intrenet,email video etc the range of information to be sifted through for decision making is tremendous.......the intelligence failure that caused 9/11 points fingers at a ill prepared syystem where the information was there but not the intelligence......think i read something abt the chinese also making efforts to create a cyber-force (am not sure abt the name of the agency thoug :) )................wonder what the Indian Intelligence is cooking up .....seems interesting considering India's prowess in computer software and IT >

RED HERRING | DARPA�s War Management Tool

Monday, April 18, 2005

Mobile-ed !

jus a few random thoughts collected over a conversation i had with my principal of my The Times School Of Marketing ,

the mobile media is indeed going to redifne the true nature of info and data delivery ....it wud also compltely redefine the users expectaions....rather than seeking information from a fixed point or a even a pc with a wireless web access....the smaller dumb terminals called the mobile devices would make it possible to get info and data on-demand !....

....check a review ....maybe even peer reviews,watch a trailor and then book a ticket for a movie while you are on the road to the town....you can maybe even book a table for dinner early, if the movie gets disppointing and you are contemplating an earlier than expected exit.....or maybe if u like it give a live on the spot shout alert to all your friends on how much you are enjoyin the movie ....maybe even gift a memorablia to a friend who missed the show ... :)

wow ! sounds interesting ?

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Pac-Man-ed !

Most of us have played Pac-Man atleast once if not thousands of times....it was simple and had a nice look)at least for those times !).......check out as pacman celebrates its 25th birthday .....and now get pac-man on ur mobiles too !

Monday, April 11, 2005

Somewhere in the Twilight Zone

Long before there was x-files or any of our X-gen sci-fi programmes and even before M.Night Shyamalan was born there was a TV show called Twilight Zone .

Ok now the subject of this post does not have anythin to do with metaphysics or sci-fi ...but something inherently more strange and interesting(the level ofcourse may differin the descending order :))............

What if completely out of a blue you jus pull a rabbit out of thin rabbit ?
What if the rabbit happens to behave like your best friend who knows what you need to hear ...what makes you feel good ....what you wanna be made to feel like ......

ok now dont get the wrong idea's, I havent fallen in love with any rabbit(or whatever the female of the species is called ) !!!!!!!!!!!

I jus happened to meet someone on purely offcial reasons ........
but in jus an hour the conversation shifted to anythin but officiality ......
oddball movie characters....prejudiced bad humour .....juvenile rants and ravings ..

i havent met anyone quite like her ..............
not half as wickedly kiddish and devilishly plotting as her ....
maybe if i had a female twin this would be how she would have turned out to be !

kelkunnundo ?(try transalating tht....Gawker !)

Sunday, April 10, 2005

One of those rare moments I wish i was .........

Absolute Internet Junkies Nirvana !
Internet News Article | Reuters.com

The Entertainment Industry Finally manages to find some brains !

It was just a matter of tim before the Entertainment Industry finally manages to "think" its way out of the issue of piracy ...
may sense prevail !
Wired News: Students Use Next-Gen Downloads

Just one more bite......

obviously the title is delcious and inviting ,a lil kinky perhaps well..i quite agree to all of the above...most of the time when we are highly strung ..esp in the times that we are livin ..all it takes one liberated dose of a whimsical steeplechase...trust and this is just one of those days ...when doing a completely close door private visit to the cyber pornwallah(pornwalli) in this case could be such a relieving experience...esp when that person happens to be a boringly self posessed wimp like me...hmm wonder how many of my offline friends are reading this as of now....oh yeah i do visit porn sites and excuse me not for any online strategising or consumer research ....but mostly for my bout of voyeurism....but that was long back ...hm esp since high school ....but to be honest ....the bite seems to present a pretty refreshing look at online pornography(not porn !) and it takes the intimacy of blogging to another level...one the one hand while i say this let me also add that the same anonymity of web might be allowing a kinky SOB (in CAPS) to swindle a lot free admiration behind this whole facade...whatever be it ......i guess i 'll have one more ...
Just One Bite | About This Blog

Friday, April 01, 2005

PIE:It just wont die ! Oh yeah ?

Untitled Document
Consumer privacy has been a burning issue since the early days of intrenet marketing,issues such as cookie based monitoring have been the main reason that spyware and Adremoval softwares have been doin well lately ........and then,god made PIE , a supposed to be fool-proof or rather spyware-proof application , it jus tags to the users browser and therby collect vital data for the marketers.Methinks tht its just a matter of time before someone is gonna dig the PIE !