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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Outsourcing 2 Consulting ?

The whole "Consulting " makeover story of Infosys is making me sick.They have been talking about it for the last 5 years ....where is the moolah boys ?You been shopping aroun in US and Europe trying to buy a consulting practice rather than built one .....Even fellow banagalore firm Wipro,is also trying to grow up into the big boys league.
But what most of them fail to realize is that ,merely having a stacked up cash table and a shopping wish list aint gonna help much .The work culture must evolve from the software sweatshop to a business solution based consulting practice.This requires domain experts not only with years of experience,but also sound interpersonal skills in understanding intricate issues of clients which cant be necessarily be put in excel sheets and analyzed.Yeah Indian firms are good at the analytical game but the other one is a different ball game.If indeed they knew what they were chewing into , I think they should have started with the Indian as well other Asian markets,albeit a less profitable one in the short term but nevertheless a great opputurtunity in understanding their own organizational issues as well gaining foothold in the markets of tomorrow.


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