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Monday, April 18, 2005

Mobile-ed !

jus a few random thoughts collected over a conversation i had with my principal of my The Times School Of Marketing ,

the mobile media is indeed going to redifne the true nature of info and data delivery ....it wud also compltely redefine the users expectaions....rather than seeking information from a fixed point or a even a pc with a wireless web access....the smaller dumb terminals called the mobile devices would make it possible to get info and data on-demand !....

....check a review ....maybe even peer reviews,watch a trailor and then book a ticket for a movie while you are on the road to the town....you can maybe even book a table for dinner early, if the movie gets disppointing and you are contemplating an earlier than expected exit.....or maybe if u like it give a live on the spot shout alert to all your friends on how much you are enjoyin the movie ....maybe even gift a memorablia to a friend who missed the show ... :)

wow ! sounds interesting ?


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