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Friday, August 19, 2005

Sponsored-Organic-Paid-Included listing ...eh ?

Read this on clickz ..........
Now i dont think this is a smart idea........
the mainstay of google is a simple clear interface and the transparency........
this thing sort of fudges the things .........

Google is testing interspersing alternate listings that appear to be commercial in nature into its natural, or organic, search results.

A recent search for "on demand," for example, returned an area delineated off from natural results, occupying the above-the-fold sixth through eighth positions in the organic results area of the page. Within the clearly demarcated but unlabeled space were three listings for Comcast services.

Mike Levin, VP of Connors Communications Interactive Group, called the listings "very commercial-looking results." He claims his company has examined 50 keywords and -phrases which, when queried, delivered similar results in the same demarcated position on the page.

"We're finding results that may be an experiment in a new system of determining relevance," Levin said, "So they are taking positions 6,7 and 8 they're drawing horizontal lines and they are doing something else in that spot. Which on its own has tremendous implications for the organic search optimization field."

A Google spokesperson assured ClickZ News the results are not paid listings, saying the demarcated results are a search relevancy experiment.

Kevin Lee, executive chairman and co-founder of Did-It, says the results don't appear to be paid listing to expert eyes. He notes both the cache and the live page both show page titles consistent with the Google's representation of organic results. He also notes the URL formations looked like organic redirects.

Levin claims the re-directs indicate the results are being tracked, but not with all the code that's used to track Ad Words placements. "So it is an experiment in AdWords relevancy that changes the current page rank approach," Levin hypothesizes. Both Levin and Lee point out the move could have a potentially large impact on organic search optimization tactics.

Check :http://www.google.co.in/search?hl=en&q=on+demand&meta=

Recipe-pod ?

A very cool idea marrying technology with a relevant brand experience :)!

A new marketing application from Kraft is leveraging the iPod phenomenon in a way that goes beyond podcasting (define). Owners of the ubiquitous device who download the company's "Greatest Hits of Summer" widget can carry a library of over 100 Kraft-inspired recipes with them wherever they go.

The download, promoted at kraftfoods.com, offers grilling ideas, desserts, and additional recipes featuring Kraft ingredients. Users can browse recipes using the iPod's scroll wheel and look up ingredients while at the grocery store.