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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Join Safecount Today !

Privacy has been an important issue whenever people talk about internet advertising.
One of the killer apps that people considered while weighing online over other mediums such as television and print was the fact that compared to the former the latter was largely measurable and the behavioral aspects of consumers could be attained, primarily through monitoring programs enabled by cookies.

Today largely due to paranoia,fanned by bad press and most of all mismanagement of the medium by porn peddlers,penis enhancement experts and African millionaire scions,each and every piece of communication is being viewed with suspicion.

This is forcing government as well as consumers in taking ineffective action which on one hand cripples the positive aspects of online data collection and consumer tracking whereas is still not effective in eradicating the menace of the above stated elements.

Safecount, is an initiative by online marketers from across the globe to come together and resolve this burning issue.

Yours truly has been associated with safecount from its very early days and is interested in building awareness on the subject and in collectively approaching the issue at hand in India.

Please leave your opinions as well as your contact id and I will get back to you :) !


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