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Friday, June 03, 2005

Bad Publicity ? Whats that ?

In a world where everyone is scrambling behind his/her :-), 15 minutes of fame,isnt it strange to find some people tryin hard to get off the fame list ?
What if you dont want to be featured for an unwanted search query ? Just like my fellow Webchutney CEO and blogger, Sidharth Rao keeps turning up on google on myriad terma like qwerty porn, there might be millions of Rao's and Smith's who jus wanna get off this claim to unwanted fame.

Was disucssing a relatively new subject called reverse marketing where a company employs SEO's(Search Engine Optimisers) to downgrade a competitors website when it gets fatured in the organic search list.

check out the Loosing Google's lock on the past | CNET News.com">CNet Story for more juice on the subject


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