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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Social Networking : Level 2

The Basic Human need of finding companionship as well as a primary reason why a large segment of people adopted the internet.I still remeber the first few months the main reason why me and most of my friends used the internet was to chat with people from strange faraway lands like costa rica and maybe macau !. While this is no big deal in the current times , trust me it used be a huge wow factor for youngsters in India in the 1990's.

Today social networking has evolved so much that its recognised as a significant segment of the internet industry.If you really look at it social networking is quite similar on nature to the 8m's and the angelfire and geocity pages one used to have in the late 90's .I even remember netzero givin away free domains as well as 10 mb space's (obviously it would be Ad-Supported :) .It would be more correct to say that they are the grocity pages on steroids. Something like a yahoo 360,is like a digital dashboard for an indivdual from where one can access emails,manage photographs,play streaming radio,check news,blog and ofcourse network ! .

The impact of social networking especially in markets like South Korea,Japan,and China is tremendous.A korean social networking network called cyworld is so successfull that 17 million people (almost 25 percent of its population !)is connects through it .They have used an innvoative credit points called acorns which members could swap for cute graphics and other goodies to adorn their pages.Members could also gift these acorns.Some brands have even started offering acorns as gift certificates.


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