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Friday, June 03, 2005

iPod Summer Collections 2005 ?

CAN you imagine putting your address book and photo album on in the morning along with your socks? Or how about using a '3D printer' to make your own shoes on demand? How about clothes peppered with plastic LEDs that let you change the fabric's pattern at will? These are just some of the bizarre predictions coming from an unlikely research partnership between the London College of Fashion (LCF), based in London's ´┐Żbertrendy Soho district, and the staid UK telecoms firm BT.
The stupendous success of the Apple iPod has proved that technology can also be fashionable. So the race is on to bring iPod-like ease of use and compelling functionality to the clothes we wear, says Sandy Black, a fashion researcher at LCF.
'The iPod has given a real kick-start to the idea of wearable technology,' she says. 'There are already skiing jackets with iPod control switches built into the sleeve material, for instance. So with BT and others we are investigating technologies the fashion industry can harness to meet consumers' heightened expectations.'"
Check out for more New Scientist Technology - Fashion industry covets 'iPod factor':">here


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