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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Socially Admired ? Never Go for Buzz ?

Rarely do we see a socially admired brand ...Something like a WWF(no not the dishum dishum one ....) or a Body Shop or a Cafe Direct or in internet terms a Mozilla,or a firefox or a Linux ,now this list is getting longer ......
Rarely do you see these kind of brands engaging in subtle and aggressive marketing mode adopting desperate tactics like Viral Marketing and Buzz Marketing ..
It jus punctures the whole warmth that people see in the brand in terms of inherent goodness in the product . It could be support for a good cause or the simple old funda of givin a great product for less.....

Creative Commons , an admirable organization doing a really tough job of ensuring copyright protection and that too on a medium like the Internet got caught on the wrong foot.
Apparently the large section of CC admirers didn't like them engaging in a viral mktg campaign with bzzagent one of the worlds foremost viral marketing specialists but with a questionable track record.

im sure that CC would bounce back and they would have learned a lesson or two about mass marketing.....
and lot of other potential feel good brands would also have learnt their lessons .
Wired News: Free Buzz Blitz Earns Rebuke


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