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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Live8 for your tubbie !

In the realm of entertainment coverage, the Live 8 concerts were a huge success for AOL, which served live streams of the various concerts to more than 5 million people. While that overshadowed audiences for the ABC TV special (2.9 million) and MTV's coverage (2.2 million), the worldwide TV audience for all concerts might have been 3 billion people, according to organizer Bob Geldof. The AP called it a milestone in the maturity of streaming video online, which has come a long way since a failed Victoria's Secret webcast in '99. One Live 8 producer, Ken Ehrlich, called the AOL webcast a template for the future. "Not to negate the importance of television, but I really think the Internet generation has come of age and the numbers have multiplied to a point of real change," he told the L.A. Times. AOL opened the door here and once it's open it ain't going to close."


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