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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Maybe ....But Not Exactly This .........

The two names that often emerge in the minds of a bschool graduate or even an aspirant is Mckinsey and Goldman Sachs you can even call em the Temples of MBA-dom .....and for the more focussed and the ones who dont get swayed over by the media hype there is one more name BCG yup the same guys who have made the BCG Matrix, the essential appetizer to strategic management..hmmm am still dreaming of one of the ivy leagues or their equally inspiring continental counterparts.....and maybe this is NOT what i wanna turn out to be....a problem solving zombie.....believe me i respect the skills and values of george stalk ....but guess he is too methodical and too much in present tense to turn the mirror to the bigger picture...yet this is one of the most exciting stories i have read so far ....definitely worth a read.............
Fast Company | The 10 Lives of George Stalk


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